Perfect position through professional advice

QR is the leading expert in online distribution, works with the most advanced distribution technology and exists of a strong team with hotel industry background and technology know-how.

We know what the hotel industry needs - today and in the future. It is not enough to merely use technology. Only after understanding how to optimize technology and to implement the desired distribution strategy, it is possible to achieve the ideal benefits.

We support our hotel partners in positioning themselves strategically for the future, we digitalize reservation processes in the hotel, discover new guest segments and entire nations for them.

We are the online distribution professionals!

We offer our hotel partners more than 25 years of online distribution experience with a strong team out of the hotel and tourism industry.

Our strengths:

  • System and distribution knowledge
  • Hotel industry expertise and market knowledge
  • High standards if it comes to service
  • Made in Germany

Maximize profitability

Handling the complex world of online distribution must be easy and effective for hotels and provide access to the online travel markets worldwide. This is exactly what the online distribution specialist QR offers. As a result, QR increases revenue and profit. QR maximizes the profitability of its partner hotels in online distribution - by more than 40 % depending on the hotel and its location.

Comprehensive, skilled, individual

QR Consulting - success guaranteed

QR offers a complete range of consulting services for all areas of online distribution. We also offer support for daily processes. Our team of professionals is at your disposal for all questions.

Online strategy development

team effort considering the destination and market options.

Selection of the necessary systems

considering the existing system environment.

Automating processes

to save time and minimize errors.

Permanent upgrades

guarantee an optimal booking experience for the guest and perfect Inhouse processes.

Current and new distribution channels

discover new clients worldwide.

Revenue Management

targeted control for higher earnings with reduced distribution costs.

Online marketing

Reach out for the people behind the systems.

Content management

up-to-date data and attractive images are the most important selling points in online distribution.

Professional, sustainable service

online distribution is challenging. When collaboration with QR, success is persistently ensured

„For an online distribution partnership sustainability is more than just a buzz word. Only by a close collaboration we learn about the needs of our hotel partners and they learn more about their possibilities!"


Katia Müller
Customer Relation Manager