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Why QR


2 by 2 = Successful distribution to secure your business’s future.

2 groups of people = Your hotel’s staff and 7 billion potential customers waiting all around the world.
2 types of automated process (machines) = You supply the attractive (online) offer for your target group and then process their bookings electronically.

QR animates hotel staff to operate the systems to take on your worldwide online sales.
QR finds the right customers for your hotel.

QR presents your offer on the platforms used by your target customer groups.
QR ensures an easy booking process and the seamless transfer of information to your hotel.

Carolin Brauer
QR optimises the interfaces between the human and automated processes (humans and machines), the only way to make the system efficient. It is the only way to get ALL possible electronic bookings. Don't be satisfied with anything less!

Carolin Brauer, Managing Director

everything starts in the hotel


Every success starts in your hotel. But providing an excellent guest experience during the stay is no longer enough. Modern hotel management begins long before the arrival of the guest at the hotel. In today’s – and tomorrow’s – market, you have to be market strategist, online communicator and as well IT specialist.

Otherwise your business may not survive. What are the main threats to your business?

Low returns due to low numbers of guests or prices that are too low per room and guest.

The costs of attracting guests remain high whilst lowering sales costs isn’t easy when Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) find your customers before you do.

This can lead to a lack of money being available for renovation, innovation and investment in your hotel and leaves only a tight budget for communicating with your guests as they plan their next trip (from home or the office).

Things should not get to that point: You need more enquiries so that you can choose the most reliable customers. This is the only way to find a level of pricing that will continue to be profitable in the long term.

This can only be achieved (and financed) by optimising your electronic distribution – the only field of sales to show continuous growth.

In order to achieve this optimisation, you need the right systems, processes and the right team of people who works efficiently with these systems on a daily basis. This is where we come in. QR works in close contact with your staff, providing training and day-to-day support and motivation.

more worldwide guests


Who is the most important person in your hotel? Your next guest

– wherever he might be.

There are over 7.2 billion people in 195 countries on five continents. Thanks to the internet, we can now provide tailored offers to at least the majority of Asians, Americans and Europeans. But which of the many target markets and target groups suits best your hotel?

QR will help you navigate through this huge and fast-paced market: helping you to accurately assess your hotel’s services and potential to develop irresistible offers for the right target customer group.

This is the only way to take advantage of the ALL distribution opportunities, whether using an intermediary or relating directly to the customer. QR’s analysis of source markets and tourism flows to your location are essential to success.

Travelers looking for European destinations are mobile, online, well-informed and discerning. These are the potential guests to impress: with your hotel and your attractive offer.

In order to achieve this, you need to identify your potential customers’ preferred online information platforms and booking methods.

This is where we will place your hotel: on the right platform, with the right offer and the right price. Because in the end, there is only one person who determines the success of your sales strategy: your guest.

Unique Offers


What brings a guest to your hotel? A unique offer, tailored to your target customer group to be irresistible – combined with the right automated systems (machines)!

That is exactly what QR will help you deliver.

There are many things that can go wrong, concerning your offer

  • Repetitiveness: Offering the same Christmas, Easter and Bank Holiday deals year after year – the same deals your colleagues / competitors are also offering…
  • Last-minute deals: Customers avoid buying from you directly until the day of travel itself – when the prices go down.
  • No availability: Closing all booking systems without being fully booked, in the hope of accommodating a late-booking regular or a walk-in guest.

… or concerning the system….

  • Waste of time: Updating channels or platforms that your guests don’t use.
  • Waste of resources: After subtracting the costs for commissions, promotions and bought placements, your returns shrink to a minimum.

QR will make your offers irresistible – with top-quality data usage: complete, up-to-date and attractive descriptions of your services, appealing pictures and the appropriate tone for addressing business or leisure travelers, as well as a variety of languages for all nationalities.

For the management, QR provides analysis on pricing and rates of return, quality assessment from review platforms and implementation and quality control. Strickly speaking:

Everything you need for the perfect online channel management.

simply buying


What reassures a customer of having gone down the right (electronic) path in choosing your hotel? It’s when the attractive offer is followed by a simple, quick and secure booking process.

However, if booking via a travel agent proves to be easier, cheaper and more flexible than the booking process on your own website, you have taken yourself out of the race.

With QR’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE), however, you will be at the head of the pack: it includes room categories tailored to the respective target groups, additional services available to book directly and an immediate booking confirmation service.

You will get even further ahead with our Yield Management for all distribution and sales channels as well as the direct, automatic transfer of all booking information to your Property-Management-System (PMS).

Now all that is left to do is to make sure that frequently traveling business customers can save their guest profile and special requests on the IBE, leaving them free to make a quick and easy booking whilst on the move, using a mobile or tablet.

With QR, your upselling and cross-selling offers are integrated directly into the booking process. This generates additional revenue and shows a willingness to respond to guests’ individual needs and wishes.

The all-important moment is the booking itself.

If the booking doesn’t go ahead then no matter how well you ran the race, you stumbled at the finish-line.

Back in the Hotel


The full reservation circle is almost complete as the guest’s booking is received at the hotel.

It includes all the data of the core services booked, as well as well as special requests, additional services booked and the guest’s payment information.

This is all the information you need to make a positive impression on the guest before and during the stay and to go ahead with targeted upselling and cross-selling measures – a much better use of your staff’s time than the manual transfer of data from the Central-Reservation-System to your Front-Office-System. Time that can then be invested in customer care and responses to guest reviews.

Using our system also helps you avoid kind of mistakes that can easily lead to loss of the customer’s confidence and damage returns in the long term: bookings that have been wrongly entered or not entered at all, special requests that were not taken into account because they appeared further down the booking form…

QR employees offer direct support should there be any booking issues: in cases of uncertainties about credit cards, overbooking, cancellations, rate changes and following up on double bookings.

QR also ensures smooth relations with intermediaries, whilst freeing you of the administrative burden: the magic words are “worldwide commission processing on your behalf”.

therefore qr


Your partner for electronic sales must provide an all-round support service!

They must be equally aware of the perspectives both, the hotel and the potential customer.

They must help you design a concept for attractive, competitive offers and ensure a smooth booking process on both the technical and human level whilst permanently optimising the system.

They must be extremely familiar with the processes within hotels as well as with travel agents both of the old-school and online variety.

They must follow and identify trends and changes in traveling habits as well as innovations in online sales and distribution – using these insights to supply you with practical tipps and suggested measures for concrete action.

They must support your hotel’s employees in making a successful transition to the future of electronic sales and understand the people on all sides: guest, intermediary and hotel staff.

They must be able to use automated offer-systems and booking systems effectively on your behalf.

All this requires a high-quality partner. Quality Reservations.


Our Customers

 The approaches to solution are shown here: Entry to all electronic reservation channels, sales support, partnerships, online marketing, recommendation marketing.


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We are here for you

Carolin Brauer

Managing Director

Carolin Brauer is managing partner of Quality Reservations GmbH since 1996. She understands the hotel business, is innovative and fascinated concerning chances around online sales and the potential coming out of this for the hotel business.

Angela Friedrichs-Özdemir

Director Operations

Angela Friedrichs-Özdemir’s passion is not only hotel business, but IT and optimizing proceedings and sales figures. She supports highly professional all productive measures around online sales.

Barbara Kohne

Senior Consultant

Barbara Kohne feels at home in all terms about hotel consulting. Basic experiences she collected in sales departments of different hotels and as a long-standing regional consultant for the Choice Hotels Franchise GmbH.

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Unsere Auszeichnung für die besten Hotels.Mehr Infos